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  • Is Uplift Movers LLC licensed and insured to operate?
    Yes,we are licesed and insured (Permit No. THG068383 USDOT # 3169291) We can provide proof of insurance prior your move or on your move date.
  • How long in advance should i contact you?
    While we are often available for last minute moves, it’s better to book as far in advance as you can.
  • How do i get an estimate?
    Just fill out the "Get a quote online" and we will reply ASAP. Or call 253-230-0659.
  • Is there a minimum charge for the move?
    Yes.We do have a 3 hour minimum for each move.
  • Will the charges be exactly as you estimated?
    Probably not. Our estimates are comprised of Travel Time (between your addresses), Time and Surcharges. While the Travel Fee and Surcharges are fixed, the time will be determined by how long it takes to move you, and charged accordingly. Also, our estimates do not reflect charges for Materials,Parking or Gratuities.There are other factors that might change the amount of time for the move to be done as:stairs,distance from elevator to the truck,parking options,distance to be walked on the hallways etc.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We have a 5% cash discount.We also provide military discounts.
  • How do i cover my belongings?
    We offer 3 insurance options.Please check the Consumer Protection page.
  • I am not as prepared as i'd it a problem?
    No problem. We will do as much or as little as you like, although the more time it takes the more it will cost.
  • What method of payments you accept?
    Cash or Cards (We do not accept checks)
  • Is it possible to move during inclement weather?
    Yes.Seattle are is known to be rainy for a long period of time during the year. On rainy days we make sure we cover the floors or take the shoes off in order to keep your place clean.
  • How do you protect my furniture when it is being moved?
    The two keys to safely transporting your furniture is in the wrapping of the item and loading of the truck. The item should be wrapped in the room it occupies at the origin and then carried to the truck – not vice versa. Carrying it from the room and through the house is when the real possibility of damage can occur if it is not properly protected. Wooden furniture gets wrapped in moving blankets, upholstered furniture gets shrink-wrapped. Safely and correctly loading a moving truck is both an art and a science! Heavy items create a stable "base" and getting the rest of the items to snugly "fit" into the load so they will travel damage-free takes years of experience to master. Our drivers are some of the best in the business! Reverse the process at destination and your furniture should be in the same condition in your new home as I was in the old one!
  • Do you offer on-site estimates?
    Yes, especially recommended for larger moves with packing.
  • Do you offer packing services and materials?
    For a standard move you pack the boxes and we blanket and shrink-wrap the larger and fragile items. If you want us to pack any loose items we just charge for the time, plus any boxes and materials used.
  • Am I supposed to tip the movers?
    Most customers choose to tip 15%-20% to the crew which provides them with top-tier, professional, courteous service, but it is not required.
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